BNI Marketing Resources

BNI® Branding History.

Founded in 1985, BNI now has over 6,000 chapters and over 130,000 members throughout every populated continent worldwide. As the largest and most successful business referral organisation in the world, BNI continues to lead the development of the referral marketing industry globally.

In 2009, BNI partnered with brand development specialist D&M Creative Limited to further enhance the brand and marketing of the entire BNI organisation. As part of this ongoing project, D&M Creative has developed this easily-accessible marketing resource which has been localised for the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. In addition, BNI Headquarters has put together a branding team to oversee BNI’s branding efforts and offer support to those with branding inquiries.

BNI has invested heavily over the years in building a solid brand and a strong, highly credible reputation. Now, this online marketing resource makes it possible for those at every level of the organisation to benefit from this investment and grow individual chapters as well as entire BNI regions.

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